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About Empower: Unleashing Potential, Transforming Lives

Empower is your all-encompassing solution for a secure, smart, and sustainable living. As a premier Electric Fence, Home Automation, and Solar Energy company, we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to fortify your property, enhance your lifestyle, and power it sustainably.

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Syed Hasnain Ali Shah(CEO)

Meet the factor behind our firm’s commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability leader – Syed Hasnain Ali Shah, is our CEO. He has been the driving force behind the Italian Green Revolution since 2015. Syed is now back in Pakistan and noticed that there needed to be a gap in meeting customer needs and establishing confidence in the Solar Energy and Home Automation sectors. Syed identified a gap in fulfilling client requirements and fostering trust in the Solar Energy and Home Automation domains—his extensive expertise as a Solar expert positions our company uniquely to address these gaps.

How We Work

Comprehensive Solutions

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Embrace a sustainable future with our solar energy solutions, tapping into the sun's power for eco-friendly energy, reducing costs, and carbon footprint.
Electric Fence

Electric Fence

Leverage state-of-the-art technology to fortify property security. Our advanced electric fences blend seamlessly for enhanced deterrence, ensuring superior assurance and protection.
Home Automation

Home Automation

Elevate your living spaces with our advanced Home Automation solutions, effortlessly managing lights, security, and more for ultimate convenience and safety.

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We are a team of professional and skilled experts in all domestic spheres. We offer a wide range of services with any unconventional household needs:


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